Studio Ranges




We can proudly state that our popular contract range is 100% SOUTH AFRICAN, made from raw materials which mainly originate from our own African soil – coal mined in South Africa, synthesized by SASOL to polymers which are then extruded and spun into fiber, converted to yarn for our weaving and finishing processes. An unique opportunity to support our local industry.


Our Studio Mix is a high-quality upholstery fabric with contemporary designs and colorways suitable for all domestic and workspace environments, where good design and high performance is required. A soft touch with an unique look – available in various bright and basic colors.




The designs are created for an easy mix and match. The layout of the book helps to get inspired and to find your favorite combination.




Studio Linear – This design represents an abstract minimalism, it is a non- directional pattern, which is very versatile and can be used on any furniture style.

Smart Stripe – Monochrome stripes, a new version of our well-known Studio Stripe is an absolute eye-catcher. Also easily matched with the Studio Plains.

Customized fabric – Customers want their own idea realized? Our designers can translate any image, drawing or geometric shapes into woven fabric.